Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random running facts about me

Despite my years away, some things have stayed the same. Here are some random running facts about me:

Perfect starting temperature: 48 degrees.

Best shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus (currently I have 13s but they are in 14) I'm a neutral runner and these shoes are the best (Though I STILL miss my orange Reebok DMX shoes from 1997--they changed them the next year and they weren't even close)

Favorite places: Paved nature trails, blacktop quiet roads, and sometimes tracks
Time of day: Right now it's afternoon. I am not a happy morning person, but I used to run mornings and when I am on a regular schedule, those runs are nice. Ideally about 10 a.m., ie. weekend long runs.

Favorite races: I ran the Tyler Azalea 10K before Mellew took over the race (probably it's great now; I think it was just the transition from small to big race company). It was the classiest, nicest race ever. I wasn't as fond of it when Mellew had it--the big mile clocks weren't all there, water stops reduced, atmosphere not as exciting. It was also my first race and I had conquered the world without knowing it. A close second is the Fort Worth YMCA Turkey Trot each year on Thanksgiving Day. I love it and do it anytime I am in Fort Worth for Thanksgiving, which is often.

Worst race: On the flip side, the worst race I ever did as the Azle Lake Run, a 10K that was more like a town going on a run, with none of the amenities of a big race. Nothing bad happened, but it was warm humid, slow and deserted.

Music or not: Oh wow, this changes. I have an iPod Shuffle that makes it un-cumbersome to carry music but sometimes I like silence. However, since I'm training, Run Keeper on my iPhone has become my close companion. I need faster songs that I actually like. I am pickier about my music than my cheesecake, so it's hard. I just ordered an arm band to help. I hate carrying anything when I run. The verdict is still out for this. As of now I suspect in my half I will take the shuffle and only use it some. Unless I don't have anyone there with me, in which case I may take the phone so I can shoot pictures here are there .

On trail running: I love trail running. I actually moved from the high school track to the trail in Quitman, a small loop through the woods. It's still a favorite. Trails are harder terrain but easier runs. I am still in re-learning mode, but trail running is a favorite.
Tights: I live in the Midwest, and it is winter; hence, it is cold. A couple days of sub-freezing temperatures made me look into running tights. I am in love. My legs stay warm, my undergarments don't, uh, get stuck, and I seem to feel faster by seeing long, black, sleek material at my feet. I expect that I will continue to wear them whenever possible and in the summer switch out of short versions.

This is enough for now; I'll add to this post or do a similar one another time.

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